religious text of Jainism

Pravachansara is a Jain religion text. It means "the essence of the doctrine".

Chapters and Verses change

It has 275 verses in total. It consists of two books and an appendix. Book I is called "Knowledge" and has 92 verses. Book II is called "Knowable" and has 108 verses. The appendix is called "Conduct" and has 75 verses.

The first and last verse change

Book I "Knowledge" change

The first verse of book I is:

Here I pay obeisance to VArdhamana, the saviour, the promulgator of the law, who is saluted by the suras, Asuras and lords of men, and who has washed off the dirt of destructive Karmas.

The last verse of book I is:

The great souled Sramana, who has put an end to his delusive vision, who is expert in scriptures and who has established himself in conduct free from attachment, is qualified as Dharma.

Book II "Knowlable" change

The first verse of book II is:

The object of knowledge is made up of substances, which are said to be characterised by qualities, and with which, moreover, are (associated) the modifications; those, who are deluded by modifications, are false believers.

The last verse of book II is:

Therefore, thus realizing the soul as the knower by nature, I give up the notion of mineness and have come to adopt the (notion of) non-attachment.

Appendix "Conduct" change

The first verse of Appendix is:

Having saluted the Siddhas, the foremost great Jinas and the saints have adopted asceticism escape to mistery.

The last verse of Appendix is:

He, who practising the course of duties of a house-holder and of a monk, comprehends this doctrine, realizes, within a short time, the essence of the doctrine (the Self).