Premiership of Dean Barrow

The premiership of Dean Barrow began at noon EST on 8 February 2008, when Dean Barrow was inaugurated as the 4th Prime Minister of Belize, succeeding Said Musa. A member of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Barrow was Leader of the Opposition and Area Representative of Queen’s Square constituency at the time of his 2008, general election victory over People’s United Party (PUP) Leader, Said Musa. Barrow and the UDP surge to a landslide victory in that election, winning 25 seats in the House of Representatives, 56.61% of the vote and 66,203 of the popular vote. The UDP Campaign saw that the ruling PUP had made many false and misleading statements during their campaign and also their term in Government. The promises which the PUP promised when they got elected in 1998 and 2003 was not fulfilled at the end of their term. Leaving the UDP to criticise their “empty promises” as “misleading and vindictive”. There were also large-scale of official Corruption. Barrow’s approval rating has been generally stable, hovering form high-40 to mid-50 percent throughout his premiership.