Prick Up Your Ears (Family Guy)

episode of Family Guy (S5 E6)

"Prick Up Your Ears" is the 6th episode of the 5th season of Family Guy. It was first shown on the Fox network on November 19, 2006. The episode is about Lois Griffin being a teacher for sex education. She gets fired because she teaches her students about safe sex.

"Prick Up Your Ears"
Family Guy episode
Episode no.Season 5
Episode 6
Directed byJames Purdum
Written byCherry Chevapravatdumrong
Production code5ACX01
Original air dateNovember 19, 2006 (2006-11-19)
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The episode was written by Cherry Chevapravatdumrong. James Purdum is the director of the episode.

Story change

Lois sees Chris and his friends watching a pornographic movie. Chris says that their school does not have a class for sex education. She becomes his school's teacher for sex education. She teaches her students about safe ways to do premarital sex (sex before marriage). On the next day, many parents are angry at her. Lois gets fired for teaching about safe sex. A reverend becomes the new sex education teacher. He talks about sexual abstinence (not doing sex). In the class, Meg gets a boyfriend named Doug. While this happens, One of Stewie's teeth falls out of his mouth. Brian tells him about the tooth fairy. Stewie fears that the tooth fairy will take his tooth. He tries to use Herbert's teeth, but they are not real. He takes the tooth of a girl with an eating disorder. Brian thinks that Stewie is being very crazy, so he tells Stewie that the tooth fairy is not real. However, a man named T. Fairy takes the tooth from the girl with the eating disorder.

Peter hears what Meg is being taught and thinks that sex is bad. He starts wearing a chastity belt so that Lois does not have sex with him. Lois rapes Peter so that he will like sex again. After that, Lois sees Meg and Doug doing "ear sex" (putting a penis in an ear). Meg thinks that ear sex is still abstinence. Lois goes back to the school and tells everyone that it is okay to do sex before marriage, but it should be done in a safe way. She tells everyone to use condoms. After this, Doug sees Meg naked and they breakup.

Production change

The episode was written by Cherry Chevapravatdumrong. James Purdum is the director of the episode. Many parts of the episode were not shown on television: some parts of the pornographic movie that Chris and his friends were watching, Peter trying to do ear sex with Lois, and Peter saying the word "abstinent" wrong.[1] At the end of the episode, Brian was going to be thrown out of a window. When the episode was done being made, Cleveland Brown talks to the Griffin family in the window.

Reception change

About 9.3 million people saw the episode when it was first shown on television.[2] Dan Iverson from IGN said that the episode is "great satire" of sex education and abstinence. He liked the many jokes that were made in the episode. [3] Francis Rizzo III from DVD Talk thought that the episode was good at showing how Christians teach sex education. He thought that "the effect it has on Meg, as well as Peter, is great".[4]

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