Princess Jasmine

fictional character from 1992 Disney film Aladdin

Princess Jasmine is a fictional character of in the movie Aladdin.


Jasmine was born in Agrabah, in the royal Palace. She lived surrounded by all kinds of luxuries and comforts, and she had as her only friend the tiger Rajah. She lost her mother early in life (when not mentioned) and, hence, was educated by her father, the Sultan. She was happy until the day that the Sultan tried to force her to marry before her 16th birthday.

Unhappy about being forced to marry, Jasmine fled the palace. In the streets, she finds out that Aladdin is arrested for stealing. Later, Jafar takes the control of the city of Agrabah, reducing Jasmine to the position of a slave. Aladdin arrives and defeats Jafar. Jasmine realizes that she loves Aladdin and the two decide to marry. She has since married and has become queen.