Principality of the Pindus

Aromanian semi-independent entity in Greece

The name Principality of the Pindus or Principality of Pindos has been used ,mainly to describe an attempt to form an autonomous district in the Pindus mountains in northern Greece in July, and August 1917. At that time, near the end of the World War I, mayors and sd other leaders from several Vlach villages in the Pindus mountain, including Samarina, Avdella and Metsovo, wanted to create an autonomous protectorate of Italy.[1][2] This effort was not successful. Neither a principality, autonomous State, or autonomous district ever actually came into existence in 1917. All these events lasted only a few days. One of the members of the temporary committee that wanted to form a government for this district was the young Alcibiades Diamandi, an ethnic-Aromanian who played a significant role 25 years later in 1941-43.

Vlach villages involved in the events of August 1917, the events usually described as the attempt to create the "Principality of the Pindus"

The name "Principality of the Pindus" was used later to describe a similar idea which was discussed by members of the "Roman Legion" (1941-1943). This "Roman Legion" was a group of Vlachs working together with the Italian army that occupied Greece during part of World War II.[3] Alcibiades Diamandi created and was the first leader of this "Roman Legion". The Legion never declared any kind of autonomous state. The Legion stopped existing after the surrender of Italy to the Allies in 1943.

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