Pro Football Hall of Fame

hall of fame in Canton, Ohio

40°49′14″N 81°23′51″W / 40.82056°N 81.39750°W / 40.82056; -81.39750

Some Hogettes in front of the sign of the Pro Football Hall of Fame

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is the hall of fame of the National Football League (NFL). It opened in Canton, Ohio, United States, on September 7 1963 with 17 original inductees.[1] Through 2008, all but one of the Hall of Fame members have played some part of their professional career in the NFL (the only player who did not is Buffalo Bills guard Billy Shaw, who played his whole career in the American Football League (AFL) before the 1970 AFL-NFL merger). The Chicago Bears have the most Hall of Famers in the league at 26.[2][3]

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