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The term Program can be used in many ways.

  • A program or programme can be a plan of how to do something. It tells the steps that we think we need to do to make something happen. For example, a government might make a program to improve the health of the people in part of a country by giving the people better food, by helping to kill insects that carry diseases, and by bringing more doctors.
  • A computer program is a set of computer instructions. A set of computer instructions is called Program and a set of program is called software.
  • Television program(me) is a show that is on television.
  • Radio program is similar to a television program but it is on the radio.
  • Webcast is similar to a television program but it is shown on the Internet.
  • 12-step program is a way people use to stop doing something. Examples would be to stop drinking alcohol, stop smoking tobacco or stop using drugs.
  • an event program is a thing that lists the what will happen during an event such as an opera or auction.