Provinces of Sweden

Historical and cultural geographical region

The Provinces of Sweden (Swedish: Sveriges landskap) are the 25 histrocial regions of Sweden. Back in the Middle Ages, Swedish provinces would have their own laws, but in 1634, the counties of Sweden were established, and the historical provinces are no longer around when it comes to administration or politics. However, they still play an important part within culture and regional identity.

Names change

Swedish Latin
Provinces of Sweden
Ångermanland Angermannia
Blekinge Blechingia
Bohuslän Bahusia
Dalarna Dalecarlia
Dalsland Dalia
Gotland Gotlandia
Gästrikland Gestricia
Halland Hallandia
Hälsingland Helsingia
Härjedalen Herdalia
Jämtland Jemtia
Lappland Lapponia Suecana
Medelpad Medelpadia
Norrbotten Norbothnia
Närke Nericia
Öland Olandia
Östergötland Ostrogothia
Skåne Scania
Småland Smolandia
Södermanland     Sudermannia
Uppland Uplandia
Värmland Wermlandia
Västmanland Vestmannia
Västerbotten Vestrobothnia
Västergötland Westrogothia

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