influencing of objects without physical interaction

Psychokinesis or telekinesis is the supposed ability to change matter, energy, space or time by using your mind. It is often mentioned and performed in science fiction movies and video games.



Psychokinesis is the word used to describe many different abilities. These abilities include:

  • moving objects (this is called telekinesis; see below)
  • changing the shape of objects (this includes melting or bending metal)
  • influencing events
  • healing
  • teleportation (disappearing and reappearing in a different place)
  • traveling through objects, like a wall
  • changing an object into something else
  • changing oneself into something else
  • putting an energy field around oneself
  • control of magnetism
  • control of photons (light waves/particles)

Telekinetic abilities

  • moving objects (move, lift, shake, vibrate, spin, bend, or break large and small objects)
  • lifting oneself up off of the ground (including flying)

Elemental control

  • Ability to control fire, water, air, and earth which air is already ready used during telekinesis
  • You can use water and you can use it to control the blood on others or yourself

Age control

  • with telekinesis and blood control you can become immortal or instant age change on command


  • With telekinesis you can send extreme vibration to an object like glass to shatter