Purbeck marble

fossiliferous limestone found in the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset

Purbeck marble is a fossiliferous limestone found in the Isle of Purbeck, a peninsula in south-east Dorset, England. It has been quarried since at least Roman times as a decorative building stone. This industry is no longer active.

Purbeck Marble.

Geology change

These limestone beds were deposited during Lower Cretaceous epoch. Purbeck Marble is not a metamorphic rock, like a true marble, but is so-called because it can take a fine polish. Its characteristic appearance comes from densely-packed shells of the freshwater snail Viviparus.[1][2] Sussex Marble is similar in type. The 'marble' large clasts (the snail shells) in a fine-grained limestone mud matrix.[3]

The individual marble beds (also known as 'seams'), lie between layers of softer marine clays and mudstone, laid down during repeated marine ingressions.[4] Some of the beds contain iron oxide/hydroxide minerals, such as haematite or limonite, giving red or brown varieties, while other beds contain glauconite giving a green (or occasionally blue) colour.[3]

Occurrence change

Purbeck marble is found at outcrop, or beneath superficial cover, all the way across the Isle of Purbeck. The marble beds are never more than 1.2 m thick and are often much thinner. The outcrops lie within the Purbeck Monocline, with the beds dipping moderately steeply to the north.[5]

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