Qazi Muhammad Isa

Pakistani politician (1913-1976)

Qazi Muhammad Essa (17 July 1914 – 19 June 1976) was a leader of the All India Muslim League party in British India and later a senior governmental official in Pakistan.

Qazi Muhammad Essa
Qazi Muhammad Essa
Died19 June 1976 at age 62
Known forone of the Leaders of the Pakistan Movement
Lifelong member of Muslim League

Qazi Isa was born in Pishin, Baluchistan (Chief commissioners province). He joined the League in 1939 and was nominated to represent his province at the League's Lahore session in March 1940.

After the creation of Pakistan, he served the new country in various positions, and for a time was also its ambassador to Brazil (1951-54).

He died in 1976.

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