Québec En Alerte

Québec En Alerte (Alert Ready Quebec) is a public emergency communication system of the Canadian province of Quebec. It is also an additional system to those already used in the municipalities. This system will be used to distribute to the population of the province or a particular area the emergency notifications, or alerts, issued by the Ministry of Public Security and Environment Canada. The notifications are transmitted to the population via the television stations, the radio stations and the Internet.

At the moment, the system seems to be on trial.


On May 5, 2015 at 13:58 EDT, a test was done. However, it was not successful. An other simulation will be planned soon.

Example of an emergency notificationEdit

The messages are, at the moment, in French only.


A text in white on a red background interrupts the program. The message begins and ends with an audio signal, such as this one. In case of a test, there is a test message. In case of a real alert, there is a message including the information about the event and the instructions to the population.


The notification begins and ends with an audio signal. The message is read by a person or a special system.