Islamic view that holds the Quran to be the only source of Islamic faith

Quranism (Arabic: القرآنية; al-Qur'āniyya) is the belief that the Quran is the only source for Islam.[1] Followers of the group are called Quranist Muslims, or Quran alone Muslims or Quraniyoon. Quranists reject the Hadiths as they believe that the Hadith literature which exists today is apocryphal, as it had been written three centuries after the death of the Islamic prophet Muhammad; thus, it cannot have the same status as the Quran.[1]

Quranist sequence

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The Romani word for Muslim Roma, are Xoraxane Roma, (Khorakhane, Horahane or Korane Roma), the meaning is word for word Koran followers[2]

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