RC Cola

cola-flavored soft drink

RC Cola or (Royal Crown Cola) is a soft drink (soda) similar to Coca Cola in its color. Each can of RC Cola contains 160 calories. RC Cola is manufactured by Cott Beverages and the Dr Pepper Snapple Group.

RC Cola


RC Cola was invented by a Claude A. Hatcher, a pharmacist of the state of Georgia, in 1905. RC Cola was the first soda to be sold in a aluminum can. The first diet soda ever sold was introduced by the company in 1958 and was called Diet Rite.


The company sells all sorts of flavors of RC Cola such as:

  • RC Cola
  • Diet RC
  • Diet Rite
  • Royal Crown Draft Cola - limited U.S. availability
  • Cherry R.C. - Available in limited markets
  • RC Edge - Available in limited markets
  • RC 100 - Discontinued
  • Caffeine Free RC - Available in limited markets
  • RC Free - Only available in Israel

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