Rambla de las Ovejas

river in Spain
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The Rambla de las Ovejas (which translates to Ravine of the Sheeps) is a water course of the province of Alicante, in Spain. It originates at the foot of the Maigmo, to 1,100 meters of height and gathers the waters of the sides of the Maigmo, Cid and others of minor height across numerous tributary ravines. It ends in the city of Alicante, between the neighborhoods of Babylon and Saint Gabriel.

The Rambla de las Ovejas

The tributary ravines are those of Rambuchar, Pepior, Alabaster and Bramble, between the most important. The normally dry riverbed experiences forts grown as consequence of torrents, like the rains in 1982 it came to 400 m³/seg. in Alicante causing serious destruction and human losses. It has since been canalized providing to the riverbed of a potential capacity of 735 m³/seg. In the floods of 1997 it came to 100 m³/seg.