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Beesha Darawiish or Si'iid Harti, also called Reer Darawiish, means the Dhulbahante tribe.[1] The Dhulbahante were called Darwiishes during the colonial era. The Darwiish was the successor state to the Dhulbahante garaadship. The Dhulbahante Garaadship (Somali: Duulbaahaante, Arabic: دولباهانتى اوسعيد هرتي) was a kingdom from 1530 until 1895.[2] Dhulbahante is also a Somali clan known for being the backbone of Darwiish. It is part of the larger Harti Darod clan. They live mainly in Sool, Cayn and Sanaag. Current population estimated 1.23 million.

Reer Darwiish (Siciid Harti) map
Dhulbahante Clan Tree
Dhulbahante Clan Tree

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