person of authority, in a variety of sports, who is responsible for presiding over the game from a neutral point of view

A referee is an official who watches a whole game of sports and makes all the decisions. The players of the sport being watched must always admit that the referee is always right, even if they aren't. Usually, if any player argues, they can get a yellow card or even sent off with a red card. Referees use a whistle so players and fans can hear when play needs to be stopped. Sometimes referees may have Assistant referees to help them just in case they didn't see something or for offsides in Football (soccer).

An ice hockey referee

Referees usually wear clothing to separate them from the players. Most referees wear white and black shirts or an all black uniform.

Referee abuse


Referee abuse is any abuse towards and referee (referee, assistant referee, fourth/fifth officials) verbally or physically. If a player physically abuses a referee, for example if they push, hit, or kick them, they can be shown a red card, suspended for multiple matches, or even be criminally charged and spend time in jail if the abuse was serious enough and be banned from the game for life.