Religious ministry

activity carried out by Christians to express or spread their faith

Ministry, in Christianity, is the activity that is done by members of the church to serve the purposes of the church.

It can mean this activity as a whole, or specific activities, or organizations in a church that perform specific activities.

Age-specific MinistryEdit

As churches attempt to meet the needs of their congregations, they often separate their members into groups according to age categories. Age-specific groups meet for religious study including Sunday school programs, fellowship, and other activities. These age divisions may include:

Nearly all churches have some form of worship music, whether from a choir, orchestra, or worship band.

Service and outreachEdit

Many churches sponsor ministries designed to reach out others on a local and global scale, usually grouped under the heading of missions. There are many organizations which perform missions on a fully-funded and organized level, such as North American Mission Board, operated by the Southern Baptist Convention.

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