The Remo Four

British band
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The Remo Four were a rock band from Liverpool, England, from the late 1950s and early 1960s, at the same time the Beatles were starting their musical careers.

The Remo Four
OriginLiverpool, England
GenresBeat, Rock 'n' Roll, British Invasion
Years active1959–1970
LabelsPye Records, Piccadilly Records, Star-Club Records
MembersColin Manley
Philip Rogers
Don Andrew
Roy Dyke
Wayne Bickerton
Tony Waddington
Tony Ashton
Keith Stokes

While the Beatles gained experience performing in Hamburg, Germany, the Remo Four played at American Air Force bases in France. Members of the two bands were friends, and often played at the same places back in Liverpool, or would go to watch each other perform.

After the Beatles became famous under Brian Epstein's management, Epstein signed up the Remo Four also. He worked hard to promote the band, but they never achieved massive success as the Beatles had. Epstein paired the Remo Four with a singer he also managed, called Tommy Quickly. They made a series of singles together, but none became hits. Quickly retired from music, and the Remo Four went on to work with other singers, including Billy J. Kramer. They also released an album, titled Smile, on a German record label.

George Harrison was invited to record a movie soundtrack in late 1967. Instead of working with the Beatles, he invited the Remo Four to work with him. The movie, Wonderwall, got little exposure, but the soundtrack album, Wonderwall Music, became a minor hit the next year.