process of correcting physiological disorders, such as lack of breathing or heartbeat, in an acutely unwell patient

Resuscitation is a thing to do in a medical emergency. It is first aid which is given to a person who is unconscious, and where breathing or pulse can not be detected. It is done to make oxygen continues to reach the heart and the brain. That way, a doctor may be able to restart the heart, possibly without damaging the brain.

The most common cause for a stopping heart is a heart attack.

What to do


The person helping must:

  • Make sure there is no danger
  • Get to the patient. Talk to them, ask direct questions (Where are you hurt?), give direct commands (Open your eyes!). The person helping tells them what he or she is about to do (I am going to touch your shoulder).
  • Resuscitation is not needed if the patient responds.
  • Call for help