river in Switzerland and France

The Rhône is a river in France and Switzerland. It is 812 kilometers long. The river starts in Rhône Glacier, which is in Switzerland. Then, the Rhône River joints the Saône, in France (and other rivers) and ends in the Mediterranean Sea.

The delta of the Rhône flowing into the Mediterranean
Map of the Rhône

The River Rhône empties into the Mediterranean. Only the Nile brings more water into the Mediterranean. The river drains an area of 95.5500 m2. The usual amount of water is about 1.700 m3 per second (at Tarrascon). During floods, this value has reached over 12.000 m3 per second.

This river splits into two smaller rivers before it flows into the Mediterranean Sea. The space between those rivers is named the Camargue, and many types of animals live there.[1]


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