Rheinfelden District

district in Switzerland
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Rheinfelden is a district of the canton of Aargau in Switzerland. The capital is Rheinfelden.

Coat of arms

It contains 14 municipalities:

Municipalities of Rheinfelden
Hellikon-blason.png Hellikon
Kaiseraugst-blason.png Kaiseraugst
Magden-blason.png Magden
Wappen Möhlin AG.svg Möhlin
Wappen Mumpf AG.svg Mumpf
Obermumpf-blason.png Obermumpf
Olsberg-blason.png Olsberg
Rheinfelden-blason.png Rheinfelden
Schupfart-blason.svg Schupfart
CHE Stein COA.svg Stein
Coat of arms of Wallbach AG.svg Wallbach
Wegenstetten-blason.png Wegenstetten
CHE Zeiningen COA.svg Zeiningen
CHE Zuzgen COA.svg Zuzgen