Richard Hofstadter

American historian and public intellectual (1916–1970)

Richard Hofstadter (August 6, 1916 – October 24, 1970) was an American historian and educator. He was born in Buffalo, New York. Hofstadter was the DeWitt Clinton Professor of American History at Columbia University.[1]

His most important works are Social Darwinism in American Thought, 1860–1915 (1944); The American Political Tradition (1948); The Age of Reform (1955); Anti-intellectualism in American Life (1963), and the essays collected in The Paranoid Style in American Politics (1964). He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize two times: in 1956 and 1964.[2]

Hofstadter died on October 24, 1970 in New York City of leukemia, aged 54.

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