Richard Roxburgh

Australian actor

Richard Roxburgh (born January 1, 1962) is an Australian actor. He has starred in many Australian movies and has appeared in supporting roles in a number of Hollywood productions. Roxburgh normally plays the role of villains.

Richard Roxburgh



  • The Silence
  • Frontier
  • The Last of the Ryans
  • Gluttony: Seven Deadly Sins
  • Tracks of Glory
  • Police Rescue
  • The Saint: Fear in Fun Park
  • Riddle of the Stinson
  • The Ordinary Man
  • One Way Ticket for Twisted Tale
  • The Paper Man
  • Blue Murder


Australian Film Institute

  • 2006 – nominated: The Silence (TV)
  • 2001 – nominated: Moulin Rouge!
  • 1999 – nominated: Passion
  • 1997 – won: Doing Time for Patsy Cline

Film Crities Circle of Australia Awards

  • 1998 – won: Doing Time for Patsy Cline

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