River Clyde

river in Scotland rising in Lanarkshire and flowing through Glasgow to the Firth of Clyde

The River Clyde (Scottish Gaelic: Abhainn Chluaidh, pronounced [avɪɲˈxlˠ̪uəj]) is a river in Scotland. It flows through Glasgow before opening up into the Firth of Clyde.

River Clyde (In Scotland)
The River Clyde running through the city of Glasgow
Council areasSouth Lanarkshire, North Lanarkshire, Glasgow, Renfrewshire, West Dunbartonshire, Inverclyde, Argyll and Bute
Physical characteristics
SourceLowther Hills in South Lanarkshire
 - locationSouth Lanarkshire, Scotland, United Kingdom
 - coordinates55°24′23.8″N 3°39′8.9″W / 55.406611°N 3.652472°W / 55.406611; -3.652472
MouthFirth of Clyde
 - locationInverclyde, Argyll, Scotland, United Kingdom
 - coordinates55°40′46.3″N 4°58′16.7″W / 55.679528°N 4.971306°W / 55.679528; -4.971306Coordinates: 55°40′46.3″N 4°58′16.7″W / 55.679528°N 4.971306°W / 55.679528; -4.971306
Length170 km (110 mi)[1]
Basin size4,000 km2 (1,500 sq mi)
Basin features
Official nameInner Clyde Estuary
Designated5 September 2000
Reference no.1036[2]

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