River Tyne

river in North East England
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Coordinates: 55°0′37″N 1°25′8″W / 55.01028°N 1.41889°W / 55.01028; -1.41889

The River Tyne is a river in North East England.[2] It is used for water sport in the summer. More than 43,500 people come and visit it every year. There is a famous bridge that crosses it called the "Tyne Bridge". Another bridge that crosses it is the Millennium Bridge. The bridges connect Gateshead to Newcastle upon Tyne.

River Tyne
Newcastle Quayside with bridges.jpg
River Tyne Quayside
Country United Kingdom
Part England
 - left River Derwent
Primary source South Tyne
 - location Alston Moor
Secondary source North Tyne
 - location Deadwater Fell, Kielder, Northumberland
Mouth Tynemouth
 - location South Shields
 - coordinates 55°0′37″N 1°25′8″W / 55.01028°N 1.41889°W / 55.01028; -1.41889
Length 321.4 km (200 mi) [1]
Basin 2,933 km² (1,132 sq mi) [1]
Discharge for Bywell
 - average 44.6 /s (1,575 cu ft/s) [1]
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