Roger Béteille

French aeronautical engineer

Roger Béteille (28 August 1921 – 14 June 2019) was a French aeronautical engineer. He was born in Vors, Aveyron. In 1952, he joined Sud-Aviation in Toulouse and held senior posts: Head of Flight Testing (1952 to 1957), Head of Rockets and Satellites division (1957 to 1967) and the deputy technical director of and A300 programme manager.

Roger Béteille in 1985 in his aerospatiale office

Béteille worked with Air France and Lufthansa, as well as U.S.-based airlines like United, TWA and American Airlines. He also decided that English should be the working language and that measurements should not be metric because most airlines already had American built aircraft.

He is known for the success of Airbus and is sometimes called "Mr. Airbus".[1]


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