Russian monitor

The Russalka was a battleship of the navy of the Russian Empire. It was assigned to coastal defense in the Baltic Sea.

History change

The Russian vessel Russalka was built in St. Petersburg in 1867. It was 62 meters long and armed with six cannons. The crew consisted of 178 sailors. On September 7, 1893, the ship entered a fateful course to Helsinki and sank in the Gulf of Finland due to bad weather. On September 10, the maritime ministry announced Russalka's disappearance with all hands lost.

Search and recovery change

The Imperial Russian Ministry of the Interior ordered a search, which involved 15 vessels and lasted until October 16, 1893. The search was then called off without success. On June 22, 2003, a ship was found at a depth of 30 meters from the bottom of the sea.