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Russet sparrow

species of bird

The Russet Sparrow, also called the cinnamon sparrow or cinnamon tree sparrow, is a bird that is part of the sparrow family. It is a small bird with a thick beak. The russet sparrow is 14 to 15 centimeters long. Its feathers are mainly rufous (reddish-brown) above and grey below. Its sounds are made up of short chirps. These chirps are put together to form a song. There are 3 subspecies of the russet sparrow, rutilans (the main species), intensior, which, along with the main species, lives in parts of eastern Asia and cinnamomeus, which lives in the Himalayas and is commonly seen around areas of terrace cultivation. The sparrow mainly eats seeds from herbs and grains. The russet sparrow is the common sparrow of towns and cities where the house sparrow is not present.

Russet sparrow
A plump sparrow with a thick beak, and feathers mostly coloured russet above and cream below, perching on a stump
Male in Kullu, India
Scientific classification
P. rutilans


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