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Russian Academy of Sciences

academy of sciences

Coordinates: 55°42′38.86″N 37°34′40.13″E / 55.7107944°N 37.5778139°E / 55.7107944; 37.5778139

Russian Academy of Sciences
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the Russian Academy of Sciences building in Moscow
Alexander Sergeev
(since September 27, 2017)

The Russian Academy of Sciences (Russian: Российская академия наук, shortened to Russian: РАН, RAN) consists of the national academy of Russia and a network of scientific research institutes from across the country. It also includes other scientific and social groups like libraries, publishing units and hospitals.

Like the French Academy of Sciences and unlike The Royal Society in Britain, the Russian Academy of Sciences has two types of membership. The top-level members are academicians (858 scientists, as of January 2019). The next-level members are corresponding members (1089 scientists). There are also professors of the RAN (605 scientists). 104 professors became corresponding members and are now counted twice: as professors and as members. The last elections were organized in October 2016. To be elected to the Academy is a great honor for any researcher.

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