Russian Space Forces

branch of the Russian Aerospace Forces

The Russian Space Forces was one of the 6 branches of the Russian Military that is responsible for space operations. The branch controls many space stations throughout Russia. The branch is also part of the Ministry of Defence. The main tasks are to inform officials about incoming missile attacks, anti-missile defense, and to create orbit space vehicles. The Russian Space Forces was replaced by the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces on 1 December 2011.

Flag of the Russian Space Forces.



In 1967, the Troops of Anti-Missile and Anti-Space Defence by the Soviet Union. The branch was then named Ministry of Defence Space Units in 1982. Then in 1991, the Soviet Union broke up. So the new Russian Military created the Russian Space Forces. The branch was abandoned in 1992, but brought back in 2001. General Vladimir Popovkin took the lead of the branch in 2004, after the previous leader, Colonel General Anatoly Perminov.