Sô Kuramoto

Japanese screenwriter

Kaoru Yamatani (山谷 馨, December, 12 1934 [age 86]; Yoyogi, Tokyo), better known by his pen name Sō Kuramoto (倉本 聰), is a Japanese playwright and screenwriter.

Biography change

Sō Kuramoto was born in Yoyogi on 21 December 1934. He attended Azabu High School and studied aesthetics at Tokyo University. He then found work at Nippon Broadcasting System (NBS). While an employee there, he also began submitting scripts for NBS radio programs under the pen name Sō Kuramoto, keeping his identity a secret from his employers. In 1963 he left NBS and began working as a freelancer. He had troubles around NHK's teleplay Katsu Kaishū and escaped to Hokkaido. After staying in Sapporo, he moved to Furano in 1977. In 1984 he established Furano Juku, a school for script-writers and actors.

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