Saint Dunstan

Archbishop of Canterbury

Dunstan (909–May 19, 988) was the Archbishop of Canterbury from 960 to 988. He was canonized (made a saint) in 1029. He became famous for the many stories told about his dealing with the Devil.

Dunstan and the Devil - Project Gutenberg eText 13978.png
Dunstan shoeing the Devil's hoof, as illustrated by George Cruikshank
Archbishop of Canterbury
Baltonsborough, Somerset, England
DiedMay 19, 988
Canterbury, England
Venerated inEastern Orthodox Church[1]
Roman Catholic Church
Anglican Communion
Major shrineCanterbury Cathedral (but also claimed by Glastonbury Abbey), both now destroyed
FeastMay 19
Attributesgold cup; pincers; man holding a pair of smith's tongs; with a dove hovering near him; with a troop of angels before him
Patronagearmourers; blacksmiths; blind people; Charlottetown, Canada; gold workers; goldsmiths; jewellers; lighthouse keepers; locksmiths; musicians; silver workers; silversmiths; swordsmiths


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