subfamily of fish in the trout family

Salmon is a kind of teleost fish. There are many different kinds of salmon. Salmon belong to the same family of fish as the trout. Most kinds of salmon live in salt water, or migrate between rivers and the sea.[1] Many people like to eat salmon, so the fish is also grown in fish farms. Usual ways to make food out of salmon are smoking, cold smoking and graving. Salmon are killed by people, other fish and their environment.

Atlantic salmon
Chum Salmon of a breeding season
Ovary of the Chum Salmon was opened and loosened


Salmons get their pink color from a pigment called astaxanthin. Wild salmon get it from the krill and shrimp they eat, while farmed salmon gets traces of it in kibble. If they don't have the pigment, they get a gray color.[2]

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