Sanamahi Kachin

"Sanamahi Kachin" (Meitei: ꯁꯅꯥꯃꯍꯤ ꯀꯥꯆꯤꯟ), also known as "Lainingthou Kachin" (Meitei: ꯂꯥꯢꯅꯤꯡꯊꯧ ꯀꯥꯆꯤꯟ), is an altar place dedicated to Lainingthou Sanamahi in the household of the followers of Meitei religion (Sanamahism).[1] It is located at the south-western corner of the house.[2] According to religious beliefs, people performing rites and rituals, as well as prayers to the deity, in the place, get blessings from the deity.[3][4]

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