Santa Ana Department

department of El Salvador

Santa Ana is a department in El Salvador. The capital is Santa Ana, one of the largest cities in El Salvador.

Santa Ana
Flag of Santa Ana
Coat of arms of Santa Ana
Location within El Salvador
Location within El Salvador
Coordinates: 14°05′24″N 89°30′40″W / 14.09°N 89.511°W / 14.09; -89.511
CountryEl Salvador
(given current status)
CapitalSanta Ana
 • Total2,023.2 km2 (781.2 sq mi)
 • Total613,000
 • RankRanked 4th
 • Density300/km2 (780/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC−6 (CST)
ISO 3166 codeSV-SA

The department was created in 1855 during the presidency of José María San Martín. The Santa Ana Volcano is in this department. The main rivers are the Lempa and the Guajoyo rivers. The most important lakes in the department are Lake Güija on the border with Guatemala, and Lake Coatepeque which is in the southern part of the department.

Municipalities change

Santa Ana is divided into 13 municipalities:

Municipality Territory Population
Candelaria de la Frontera 91.13 km² 33,550 hab.
Chalchuapa 165.76 km² 86,200 hab.
Coatepeque 126.85 km² 48,544 hab.
El Congo 91.43 km² 22,274 hab.
El Porvenir 52.52 km² 7,819 hab.
Masahuat 71.23 km² 5,125 hab.
Metapán 668.36 km² 59,499 hab.
San Antonio Pajonal 51.92 km² 4,574 hab.
San Sebastián Salitrillo 42.32 km² 16,688 hab.
Santa Ana 400.05 km² 261,568 hab.
Santa Rosa Guachipilín 38.41 km² 7,909 hab.
Santiago de la Frontera 44.22 km² 9,150 hab.
Texistepeque 178.97 km² 20,904 hab.