Sash (disambiguation)

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A sash is of a cloth belt used to hold a robe together

Sash may also mean:

  • Fascia (sash), a sash worn by clerics and seminarians with the cassock in the Roman Catholic Church and in the Anglican Church
  • Sash window, the framing that holds panes of glass in a glazed window
  • Stand-alone shell, a Unix shell designed for use in recovering from certain types of system failures
  • Sash, Texas, a small community in Fannin County
  • The Sash, a ballad from Ireland commemorating the victory of King William III in the Williamite war in Ireland in 1690–1691



  • Sash! (born 1970), German DJ/producer team
  • Leon Sash (1922–1979), American jazz accordionist
  • Tyler Sash (1988–2015), American football defensive back