Saving Abel (2008 album)

major label debut album of Saving Abel

On March 11, 2008, the rock band Saving Abel released their hit studio album called Saving Abel (the second self-titled album). A song in this particular album is featured on Saving Abel's previous studio album called 18 Days. There are two major singles on this album called "Addicted" and "18 Days". The album has 11 studio tracks on it, and 2 original B-Sides. The album was produced by producer Skidd Mills. The album's songs have some of the songs featured on it from the previous self-titled studio album like "18 Days", "Drowning (Face Down)", "Running Away from You", and "Beautiful You".

Track listingEdit

  1. "New Tattoo"
  2. "Addicted"
  3. "She Got Over Me"
  4. "18 Days"
  5. "Drowning [Face Down]"
  6. "In God's Eyes!"
  7. "Sailed Away"
  8. "Beautiful Day"
  9. "Out Of My Face"
  10. "Running From You"
  11. "Beautiful You"
Bonus tracks
  1. "Goodbye, So Long"
  2. "After All"