Sponge (tool)

cleaning tool made from soft and porous usually synthetic or rarely natural material
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A Sponge is a tool that is used for cleaning and washing. The sponge is made of a special material, with many holes. By rubbing the sponge against dirty surfaces, the dirt can be removed.

Today, there are also artificial sponges.

Natural sponges for cleaning change

Most natural sponges used for cleaning today come from the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Today Izmir and Tripolis are the main markets where natural sponges are sold.

Other qualities of natural sponges change

Antibiotic compounds change

Sponges have medicinal potential. This is because of antimicrobial compounds in either the sponge itself or their microbial symbionts.[1]

Dolphin use sponges change

Bottlenose dolphins have been seen using live sponges. This was in Shark Bay. Shark bay is in Western Australia. The behaviour has only been observed in the bay. Most likely adult dolphins teach it to their children. The only other marine mammals that use tools are Sea otters.

References change

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