Seal of Oklahoma

official government emblem of the U.S. state of Oklahoma

The Great Seal of Oklahoma is a five-pointed star in a circle. The center of the star is made up of the Seal of the Territory of Oklahoma.

Inside the star are seals of five Native American Nations from Oklahoma.

The top point is for the Chickasaw nation, showing a warrior holding a bow and shield.

The upper left-hand point is for the Cherokee Nation, showing a star with a wreath of oak leaves.

The upper right-hand point is for the Choctaw Nation, showing a tomahawk, a bow, and three crossed arrows.

The lower left-hand point is for the Creek Nation, showing a sheaf of wheat and a plow.

The lower right-hand point is for the Seminole Nation, showing houses and a factory on a lake with a hunter paddling a canoe.

The forty-five small stars around the middle star are for the forty-five states in the Union when Oklahoma became a state in 1907.


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