Seijo Gakuen Junior High School and High School

Independent school

Seijo Gakuen Junior High School and High School (成城学園中学校高等学校, Seijō Gakuen Chūgakkō Kōtōgakkō) is a famous private junior high and high school in Tokyo, Japan.[1] It is connected to the Seijo University (成城大学).[2][3][4][5] There are many famous students who went there such as Anri Sakaguchi.

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They are famous for having various club activities such as tennis. They are also known as the winning school of the national high school tennis championship.[source?]

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  • Seijo Gakuen (成女学園, Seijo Girls Academy): This is a girls school in Tokyo.[6] They are known for having a famous music club.[7]
  • Osaka Prefecture Seijo High School: Public high school in Osaka Prefecture.[8]
  • Seijoh University (星城大学, this kanji means "star castle"): Private university in Aichi Prefecture.[9] They also have affiliated schools.
  • Seijo School (成城学校): This is a private boys school in Shinjuku, Tokyo.[10]

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