Seven Commandments of the Children of Noah

set of 7 laws, said in Rabbinic Judaism to be binding upon all humanity; not directly enumerated in the Bible, but described in the Talmud

The Seven Commandments of the Children of Noah are laws that must be followed by gentiles according to Judaism. The commandments come from the Book of Jubilees. The seven laws are:

  • 1. "No idolatry" - There is only one god to worship.
  • 2. "No adultery" - No "cheating" once you're married.
  • 3. "Don't eat meat taken from a still living animal," as it constitutes cruelty.
  • 4. "Do not steal things from others," it's their property.
  • 5. "Keep God's good name," respect and praise him.
  • 6. "Do not do murder or harm".
  • 7. "Set up a law system" (to keep the peace).