Sex segregation

separation of people according to their sex

Sex segregation is a highly controversial culture-related definition for separation of people according to their sex. This can occur in both public and private areas. There are four levels for sex segregation: permissive, voluntary, administrative and mandatory.

Restrooms are often sex segregated

It is always done in prisons and in military service. Socially it is done in sports, but not necessarily in mental sports. It is always done in schools in countries where the religion dictates it. Sex segregation is very unusual at primary school level.

Religion has its effects, but the Christian religion no longer mandates separation. It once did.

Clothing is the other area where differences occur. Again, Moslem countries still demand a dress code for women, but the rest of the world is more diverse. A point which is rarely made is that the simple wearing of clothes is often mandatory, and nudes may be arrested. Practice varies at certain places, such as the seaside.