Shangri-La (Titan)

albedo feature on Titan

Shangri-La is a large, dark area on Saturn's moon Titan. It is at 10°S 165°W / 10°S 165°W / -10; -165. The place is named after Shangri-La, the imaginary valley in Tibet. Some people think it is a very wide plain of dark material. These broad, dark areas of Titan may have been seas, but now they are dry.

Titan globe.jpg
Shangri-La is the large, dark region at the center of this image of Titan
Feature on Titan
TypeDark albedo feature

Shangri-La has several areas of higher ground it. These are brighter and are called "islands". Regions of high ground surround Shangri-La: Xanadu is to the east, Adiri to the west, and Dilmun to the north.

The Huygens probe landed on a western part of Shangri-La, close to Adiri.

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