Sheba Medical Center

hospital in Israel

Coordinates: 32°2′47.39″N 34°50′36.07″E / 32.0464972°N 34.8433528°E / 32.0464972; 34.8433528

Sheba Medical Center, Main Hospitalization Tower.JPG
the British Army Hospital in 1947

The Sheba Medical Center is a hospital in Israel. It is located in Tel Hashomer, part of Ramat Gan near Tel Aviv.

The medical center was established by the US Army in 1941. It operated until 1943. In 1944 the hospital was opened again by the British Army. In 1948 it was made the Israeli army medical center until 1953. It grew to become one of the biggest hospitals in Israel. It does surgery and treatments for patients from other countries.

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