Sheldon Cooper

Fictional character in The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon Lee Cooper Ph.d, Sc.d is a fictional character in the American comedy sitcom The Big Bang Theory, played by Jim Parsons. Sheldon is known for his intellect, and his childish behaviour and manners.

Sheldon Cooper
The Big Bang Theory/Young Sheldon character
First appearance
Last appearance
Created byChuck Lorre
Bill Prady
Portrayed byJim Parsons
(The Big Bang Theory)
Iain Armitage
(Young Sheldon)[1]
Voiced byJim Parsons
Young Sheldon)
FamilyMary Cooper (mother)
George Cooper Sr. (father, deceased as of Big Bang Theory timeline)
Missy Cooper (twin sister)
George "Georgie" Cooper Jr. (brother)
Missy's unnamed son (nephew)
Constance "Connie" Tucker/"Meemaw"[2] (maternal grandmother)
Charles "Charlie" Tucker/"Pop Pop" (maternal grandfather)
Spouse(s)Amy Farrah Fowler
ChildrenAt least one son, Leonard;[3] others unknown except that he has more than one (Mentioned by Jim Parsons in Young Sheldon narrations)[4]
Birth dateFebruary 26, 1980


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