rite of passage and festival day in Japan for 3-, 5- or 7-year-old children in mid-November

Shichi-Go-San (seven-five-three in Japan) is one of the most important events for children in Japan.[1] Every year on November 15, parents whose children are three, five, and seven years old celebrate the growth of their child.

Japanese boy at a Shichi-Go-San festival

History change

In the past, death rates of infants were higher than present, so children were treated importantly. People have started to celebrate seven, five and three years old of children since the Edo period. Especially, celebrations of seven year old children are most important.

Custom change

On this special day, children wear kimono and they are given chitose-ame. Chitose-ame is a long red and white candy. This candy means children can grow well. People go to the shrine to play the growth of their children. Also, people sometimes take some pictures to the memory of children.

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