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Traditionally, tennis is played between two people in a Singles match, or four players in a Doubles match. However, popular variations allowing play between three players (of which two or three are on the court at any one time) have emerged.

in tennis is the body of competition that features individual players competing one-on-one. There are separate singles competitions for men and women. The singles competition exists in counterdistinction to doubles.
one team of two players on each side (four players in total). In this version, gender does not matter. Doubles utilizes a wider court than singles matches.
The Wimbledon mixed doubles champions of 1886
Mixed doubles
similar to the doubles game, but this version requires one man and one woman to be a team.
American doubles
(from the UK) is generally used in training, and plays one player (playing with a singles court layout) versus two players (playing with a doubles court layout). Often the court rotates game by game taking it in turns to play on your own.
Jordache[source?] tennis
is a game played between three players. A normal tennis game takes place between two of the three contestants. Players are awarded 5 points for a game win and the loser is awarded points based on the score achieved: 3 for deuce, 2 for 30 and 1 for 15. The winner remains in. The player replacing the loser gets to choose who serves. The first to 50 wins. Scoring is calculated continuously, so if a player is currently on 49 points at the start of a game they only have to win one point for the game to end. There is a variation invented in 2005, called "mini-Jordache", where the winner is the first to 25.
Wheelchair tennis
has the same thing as both singles and doubles, however, the ball may bounce twice before hitting it, the second bounce may even be outside the field.
Australian Doubles
is played when one player is significantly better than 2 others. Two players on one side hitting into the singles court while the better player is alone hitting into the doubles court.
Canadian Doubles
is similar to Australian Doubles, however the single player does not have to be significantly better than the double team.

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