Six Flags Magic Mountain

theme park located in Valencia, California

Six Flags Magic Mountain is a theme park in Valencia, California, United States. It opened on May 29, 1971. From 1971 to 1979, the theme park was named Magic Mountain and independently owned. In 1979, the park was purchased by Six Flags, and it was renamed to Six Flags Magic Mountain in 1980. It is located beside a water park called Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. It has 19 roller coasters (the most in the world) and 60 other kinds of rides, giving a total of 69 rides in the park. Some of its rides include Revolution, Tatsu, X2, Apocalypse, Full Throttle, Scream!, Superman: Escape from Krypton, Gold Rusher, and Twisted Colossus. There are nine themed areas, including DC Universe (an area inspired by DC Comics) and The Movie District (a movie-inspired area). Starting with Wet 'n Wild Orlando, they had replaced

Six Flags Magic Mountain
Six Flags Magic Mountain from Interstate 5.
Location Valencia, California, United States
Coordinates 34°25′26″N 118°35′49″W / 34.423762°N 118.597069°W / 34.423762; -118.597069
Owner Six Flags
Opened May 29, 1971
Previous names Magic Mountain - 1971 to 1979
Operating season Year round
Area 262 acres (1.06 km2) (1.0 km²)
Rides 44 total
  • 18 roller coasters
  • 2 water rides
The Thrill Capital of the World
The Xtreme Park
Go Big! Go Six Flags Magic Mountain!

Rides change

The current rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain are provided below:

Current roller coasters change

There are currently 19 roller coasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain, the largest number of roller coasters in a park in the world.

Current Name Picture Year opened Manufacturer Park area Thrill/intensity rating Minimum Height Description
Apocalypse: The Ride   2009 Great Coasters International The Underground Moderate 48 Wooden roller coaster featuring steeply banked turns and twisting drops.

Known in the past as "Terminator Salvation: The Ride" (2009–2010)

Batman: The Ride   1994 Bolliger & Mabillard DC Universe Maximum 54 Floorless coaches suspended beneath an overhead track whip around steeply banked turns and five inversions.
Canyon Blaster   1999 E&F Miler Industries Bugs Bunny World Mild 33″ to ride with an adult' 36″ to ride alone Junior roller coaster.
Full Throttle   2013 Premier Rides Full Throttle Plaza Maximum 54 A launch roller coaster with 2 forward launches and one backwards launch. Full Throttle has the world's tallest vertical loop at 160 feet (49 m) and the first ever "top hat" constructed on an inversion. It is also the world's fastest vertical looping coaster.
Gold Rusher   1971 Arrow Development The Movie District Moderate 48″ Riders dip, turn, and dive up and around the park's mountainous terrain. Gold Rusher is Six Flags Magic Mountain's first roller coaster.
Goliath   2000 Giovanola Colossus County Fair Maximum 48″ Riders brave an opening drop of 255 feet (78 m) into a subterranean tunnel and multiple steep banking turns.
Magic Flyer   1971 Bradley and Kaye Whistlestop Park Mild None; Rider cannot be taller than 54″. Train themed Junior roller coaster in Whistlestop Park.

Know in the past as "Goliath Jr." (2001–2007) and "Percy's Railway" (2008–2010)

Ninja   1988 Arrow Dynamics Samurai Summit Moderate 42″ Swinging coaches suspended from an overhead steel track whip around steeply banked turns and curves in and out of the treetops.
The New Revolution   1976 Anton Schwarzkopf Baja Ridge Moderate (Maximum with VR Goggles.) 48″ Riders careen through steep banking turns and spirals in and out of the treetops. Revolution has a full 360 degree loop the first modern vertical loop in the world. In 2016 the coaster received a major renovation which included: new trains, lapbars, new paint job, new lighting, reduced foliage and VR Goggles were added to intensify the ride.
The Riddler's Revenge   1998 Bolliger & Mabillard Metropolis Maximum 54″ Riders traverse six upside-down turns on 4,370 feet (1,330 m) of steel track while in a standing position.
Road Runner Express   2011 Vekoma Bugs Bunny World Moderate 36″ Junior roller coaster.
Scream!   2003 Bolliger & Mabillard Screampunk District Maximum 54″ Floorless coaches riding above the rails traverse seven inversions on 3,985 feet (1,215 m) of steel track.
Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers 2014 Zamperla Bugs Bunny World Mild Race-car themed Zamperla family gravity coaster with helix.[1]
Superman: Escape from Krypton   1997 Intamin Samurai Summit Maximum 54″ Riders accelerate in reverse from 0 to 104 mph (167 km/h) in seven seconds and climb nearly 41 stories into the air. Entrance to Superman Escape from Krypton, a launch roller coaster. Known in the past as "Superman: The Escape" (1997–2010).
Tatsu   2006 Bolliger & Mabillard Samurai Summit Maximum 54″ Suspended beneath a steel track, riders experience a total of 263′ in elevation changes while harnessed in a prone position.
Twisted Colossus   2015 Rocky Mountain Construction Screampunk District Maximum 54″ Riders experience steep drops, banking curves, and two inversions on nearly 5,000 feet of track - designed to pit two simultaneously operating trains in a race against each other. It is also the worlds longest racing coaster.
Viper   1990 Arrow Dynamics Baja Ridge Maximum 54″ Riders are turned upside-down seven times in three different ways and reach speeds of 70 mph (110 km/h)
  2002 Arrow Dynamics Baja Ridge Maximum 48″ Riders experience predetermined forward and reverse somersaulting maneuvers while harnessed in seats that pitch on a separate axis from the track. Known in the past as "X" (2002–2007).

Other current rides change

Ride Picture Year Introduced Manufacturer Location in Park Thrill/Intensity Rating Minimum Height Requirements Description
Buccaneer 1980 Intamin Colossus County Fair Moderate No height minimum required with an adult; 42″ to ride alone Swinging pirate ship ride.
Cyclone 500 1992 J & J Amusements Cyclone Bay Mild 58″ Go-Kart attraction. Requires nominal fee for participation.
Dive Devil 1996 SkyCoaster Inc. Cyclone Bay Moderate 48″ Large swing attraction simulating the experience of sky diving. Requires nominal fee for participation.
Flash: Speed Force 1974 Mack Rides DC Universe Moderate 42″ Mack Musik Express ride known in the past as Himalaya from 1974–1986; Subway from 1987–1993, ACME Atom Smasher from 1994–2004, and Atom Smasher from 2005–2010.
Grand Carousel   1971 Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters Six Flags Plaza Mild No height minimum required with an adult; 42″ to ride alone Merry-go-round with origins beginning in 1912. It was removed in the 1960s from the Savin Rock Amusement area in West Haven, Connecticut and sold to Magic Mountain. Grand Carousel is a family friendly ride in the Six Flags Plaza area.
Jet Stream   1972 Arrow Development The Underground Moderate 42″ to ride alone ; Guests under 42 inches must be accompanied by an adult Flume ride. First Arrow flume to use a turntable loading system. Known from 2001–2006 as Arrowhead Splashdown. Jet Stream is a family friendly flume ride located near the entrance to Gold Rusher. The ride opened in 1972.
Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom   2012 Intamin Colossus County Fair Maximum 48″ Free fall drop thrill ride from a height of 400', attaining a terminal velocity of 85 miles per hour.
Orient Express   1971 Korneuberg Shipbuilding Company (Austria) Six Flags Plaza / Samurai Summit Mild No minimum height requirement 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 38 in) metre gauge[2] funicular railway ride, which transports guests to Samurai Summit next to Ninja. Previously known from 1971–1988 as Funicular.[3]
Roaring Rapids   1981 Intamin Rapids Camp Crossing Moderate 42″ Rapids water attraction simulating a wilderness raft expedition. Roaring Rapids at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Many guests claim it is the best water ride at the park.
Sandblasters 1971 Reverchon The Movie District Moderate 42″ to ride; 54″ to drive. Bumper cars.
Scrambler   2003 Eli Bridge The Movie District Moderate 36″ The park's former old Scrambler was damaged from an uprooted tree. This Scrambler was relocated from Six Flags Over Texas.
Sky Tower & Museum 1971 Intamin Samurai Summit Mild No minimum height requirement 38-story observation tower. In 2008, a museum was added to the top of the tower showcasing memorabilia from the park's history.
Sling Shot 2012 Funtime Cyclone Bay Mild 44″ Sling Shot extra charge attraction.
Swashbuckler 1983 Chance Rides Colossus County Fair Moderate 42″ Chance Yo-Yo attraction.
Tidal Wave   1989 Intamin The Movie District Moderate 42″ Shoot-the-Chute flume. Goes under a bridge on which people get soaked. Tidal Wave is a Shoot the Chute water ride which features a 50 foot drop. The ride is labeled by Six Flags Magic Mountain as a family friendly ride.
Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth 1974 Hrubetz DC Universe Moderate 42″ Round Up ride; known in the past as: Electric Rainbow from 1974–1986, Turbo from 1987–1993, Gordon Gearworks from 1994–1998, and Grinder Gearworks from 1999–2010.

Former rides & attractions change

Ride Year Opened Year Closed Manufacturer Description
99 Steam Train 1971 1981 Crown Metal Products The Train ride to the troll country.
Billy the Squid 1971 1973 Anton Schwarzkopf Polyp Ride. In 1973 this Polyp ride had a maintenance problem and was removed. The Jolly Monster was built on its site.
Circus Wheel 1971 1999 Chance Rides Chance Trabant with Roman theming. It spun in a clockwise direction and tilted at the same time. The Trabant was removed and replaced with a Tilt-A-Whirl, retaining the Circus Wheel name.
Circus Wheel 1981 2008 Sellner Manufacturing This Sellner Tilt-A-Whirl was known in the past under the names Fiesta Dance 1981-1981; Baile de las Flores 1982–1988 and Jolly Roger 1988–1999. The Tilt-A-Whirl was removed to make room for 3-Point Challenge basketball game, which was replaced by Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom. Tilt-A-Whirl has been in storage in a boneyard.
Colossus 1978 2014 The iconic wooden coaster, which had two tracks, was removed in August 2014 to make way for Twisted Colossus, a converted hybrid coaster.
Condor 1988 1989 Huss Rides This Huss Condor was open for two years before being removed. It was removed to make room for Viper.
Crazy Barrels 1971 1989 Intamin This Intamin Drunken Barrels was formerly located at a county fair. The Barrels were removed, but an abandoned platforms are still there behind the basketball game near the Metro station.
Déjà Vu 2001 2011 Vekoma Located in "Cyclone Bay". A Floorless coaches suspended beneath an overhead track traverse the track forward and in reverse. Removed and the coaster was sent to Six Flags New England as Goliath.
Dragon 1974 1981 Arrow Development This transportation cable railway transported riders from the upper level of the back of the mountain down to the lower level, and vice versa. The ride ceased operation in 1981 but was not removed until Ninja was built in 1988. Parts of the upper station were reused for Ninja, The Dragon's concrete track, wall, and lower station are visible to the left of Ninja's final lift hill.
Eagle's Flight – El Dorado 1971 1981 Intamin This Intamin aerial sky-way ride took passengers from the upper part of the mountain to the lower land on the north of the mountain. The station was next to El Bumpo's area.
Eagle's Flight – Galaxy 1971 1994 Intamin A second aerial sky-way ride from the top of the mountain to the lower land in the County Fair area.
El-Bumpo 1971 1979 Arrow Development Gas-powered bumper boats located on the pond.
Flashback 1992 2008 Intamin Steel roller coaster featuring a stacked design and numerous steep rolling track dives. The Flashback was standing but not operating starting in 2003 and demolished and scrapped in 2008.
Freefall 1982 2008 Intamin An Intamin 1st-generation Freefall. The ride was standing but not operating from 2005 to 2006; however, it was scrapped for the 2008 season.
Galaxy[4] 1971 1979 Intamin An Intamin double Ferris wheel with cable pulley that looked like a V-shaped beam. The ride was removed and was located where Buccaneer and Swashbuckler are now sitting.
Grand Centennial Excursion Railroad 1975 1985 A big steam train that took passengers around. Located north of the main mountain.
Granny Gran Prix 1971 2007 D. H. Morgan This track-guided car ride was known as Chevron Gran Prix (Gas Powered) from 1971–1986. A new turnpike (electric-powered) was opened for three years before being moved in 1988 to Bugs Bunny World. The old guided track was demolished to make room for Tidal Wave. In December 2007 it was demolished to make room for Thomas Town's opening in 2008.
Jolly Monster 1973 1981 Eyerly A standard Eyerly Monster ride which replaced Billy the Squid. This thrill ride was at the Pirate's Cove near Colossus, Buccaneer, and Swashbuckler. The ride was removed and its site sat empty for 7 years before the Tilt-A-Whirl was moved there.
Little Sailor Ride 1971 1985 Yankee Doodle Dandy (1971–1972) Sailboat Ride (1973–1980) Little Sailor Ride (1981–1985)
Log Jammer 1971 2011 Arrow Development Log flume featuring two large drops. Removed to make way for Full Throttle.
Magic Pagoda 1974 1984 A walk-thru attraction located on Samurai Summit. It featured a talking Buddha, a mirror maze, a strobe light room (with a dragon flying overhead), a walk through a miniature version of Chinatown and various other small scale items of interest with a Chinese Theme. Now used as part of a walk-through maze for the Halloween season.
Metro 1971 2011 Universal Mobility This monorail ride ran two stations at the High Sierra Territory and Colossus County Fair but the monorail had been standing but not operating since 2001. As of 2008, the park does not have plans to re-open the attraction. The trains were located near the former location of Flashback where they sat for 10 years. In 2011 the monorail trains are relocated to Hersheypark. The abandoned track and station are planned to be scrapped.
Mountain Express 1973 1982 Anton Schwarzkopf Wildcat coaster located near where Flashback stood. Relocated to Magic Landing as Wildcat and then to Bosque Magico as Montana Rusa.
Psyclone 1991 2006 Dinn Corporation A wood tracked roller coaster patterned after the Cyclone at Astroland park in Brooklyn, New York. It was torn down for the 2007 season, and piles of wood remained at the site for many days after the destruction. The site is now home to another wooden coaster, Apocalypse.
Reactor 1977 1993 Anton Schwarzkopf A Schwarzkopf Enterprise, known from 1977–1987 as Enterprise, was renamed Reactor in 1987. This thrill ride was removed at the end of the 1993 season.
Sarajevo Bobsleds 1984 1986 Intamin Bobsled coaster named after the 1984 Olympics. Removed due to the Six Flags ride rotation program and replaced with Shockwave. It was moved to Six Flags Over Texas and opened as Avalanche, but was later renamed and rethemed as La Vibora to better match the Spain section of the park.
Scrambler 1973 2003 Eli Bridge This scrambler had a lot of damage from an uprooted tree and was scrapped; however, Six Flags Magic Mountain received another scrambler from Six Flags Over Texas.
Shockwave 1986 1988 Intamin A Steel Standup looping roller coaster. it was removed in 1989 and relocated to Six Flags Great Adventure due to the ride rotation program.
Sierra Twist 1973 2008 Anton Schwarzkopf A Schwarzkopf Bayern Kurve ride, originally known as Swiss Twist. It was a high-speed bobsled ride with a circular track. The ride was removed due to aging parts and high maintenance costs.
Spin Out 1971 2008 Chance Rides A Chance Rotor known from 1971–1972 as Bottoms Up. Featured in the video for Belinda Carlisle's No. 1 hit song, "Heaven is a Place on Earth" The video was directed by Diane Keaton.
Thrill Shot 2001 2012 S&S Worldwide Rapidly ascending slingshot attraction. The ride requires a nominal fee from guests to participate. Thrill Shot closed in 2009 and never reopened due to high maintenance costs. In early 2012, Thrill Shot was removed.
Tumble Drum 1974 1980 This walk-through barrel roll was located near the Electric Rainbow (Round up ride).
Yosemite Sam Sierra Falls 1993 2010 WhiteWater West Industries Double tube waterslides with dingy raft on location at the Bugs Bunny World. Demolished to make room for Road Runner Express.
Z-Force 1987 1993 Intamin An Intamin Looping Starship/Space Shuttle themed as an Air Force fighter plane. The ride was removed at the end of the season in 1993 to make room for Batman: The Ride.

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