Skip (written as $kip) is a singer-songwriter and pop artist.[1] He is known for his single entitled "Skippin'" which is a part from his self-titled debut album.[2] The song was a hit in the Philippines, certified gold.[3]

Background information
Occupation(s)Singer, songwriter
Years active2011–present
Website$kip Official Website

Music careerEdit

At the age of 10, $kip performed for live audiences and clubs where people gave him credits for his act. People also rated him performances. One comment lead him to join a local competition and sang "Benny And The Jets", but didn't he win.[4] Two days after the competition, a call from his old record label offered him to get signed.[5] In 2011, he rejected his label and was forced to move to another one.[6]

$kip's Logo launched in 2012

A week after releasing his first single,[7] the song directly charted in the Philippines where it peaked in the top 8 for 2 straight weeks.[8][9] The single was then a certified Gold. According to PARI (Philippine Association of the Record Industry), the single's certification was supposed to be higher,[source?] but all agreed that the single can only make it to Gold.

Skip has said that his debut album will be released some time in December 2012.[10] In February 2012, he performed his second single from the album, titled "Clap! Clap! Clap!". The song directly debuted on the Philippine Charts and there it peaked on number 10.[11]




Year Single Peak chart positions Album
Philippine Charts
2012 "Skippin'"[13] 8 [14] $kip (TBA)[2][12]
2012 "Clap! Clap! Clap!" 10 $kip (TBA)


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